Free Disciples presents our Disciple apparel and Artisan candles.

Our handmade artisan candles are made in small batches & are named directly from Scripture. We use all-natural ingredients such as 100% soy wax, essential oil blends, & wooden wicks as well as recycled material for our labeling & packaging to ensure we bring you ethical high-quality candles.

Our Disciple Apparel is made to bring the essence of the Boldness of Christ. Our Apparel is also made from recycled material and ecofriendly.

We pray over every batch of candles and each apparel design. We are intentional in all we do and live to honor the Kingdom of God.

  • Our goal is to create an environment that is a victory to everyone involved.

    We have created a Kingdom business that honors the Lord, a way for our family and friends to connect while giving our customers a high-quality products that helps remind us to sit back, relax, and meditate on His Word.

Free Disciples candles & apparel are made & designed with the intent of bringing you closer to the Lord.

Family-focused & Kingdom-minded.

Nic & Andy have been married 19 years and started Free Disciples with a long term vision in mind- seeing people set free from bondage, guilt, shame, and judgement- for people to walk in the true freedom that Jesus paid for. They're passionate about people and community. You'll find them frequently pouring back into the community through volunteering, outreachs, and events.

"We wanted to offer a product that both builds people up & pours back into the community. Our products are handmade and designed with love & care. We're very intentional with the Scriptures that are used & pray over each batch & design that people experience God's love at new depths."

- Nic & Andy

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